Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Waterfall Model of Software Development

Waterfall processes

Lets discuss about Waterfall model of Software Devt. This model is one of the very popular and used quite extensively.

The processes or phases followed in Waterfall model are like ...

  1. Gathering Requirements (Making Software Requirements Specifications or SRS docs etc, Analysis)
  2. Designging ( DB Designing, Architecture finalization, necessary docs, HTMLs or Screen designing)
  3. Coding (Or actual Development by programmers)
  4. Integration (Integration of various modules developed by various teams or persons)
  5. Testing (QA or QC activities are taken place and its made sure that software is good)
  6. Deployment (Deploying the software at the client's live environment or server)
  7. Support - Maintenance (Once the app is live .. maintaining the same)

In the waterfall model after the one step or process or phase is finished the app flows to next phase. Its like Waterfall where the water flows from the top most rock to the bottom.

The main critics is.. like the water cant be put back from bottom to the flow, similarly here it Changes in critical process, change control or a misunderstanding in first phase has tremendous cost effect.


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