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Kaala Aadmi

Ssaala Kala Admi

There was a time when hotels in Europe exhibited a prominent notice that Indians were not allowed in. Even in Asia at one time Japan had similar boards in their hotels which were yet more condescending TThey read ‘Indians and Dogs not allowed.’Nearer home in South Africa which contained many citizens of Indian origin were similarly treated as Nigers in public places and utilities. The tale of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 9subsequently Mahatma Gandhi) being thrown out of train from a bogey exclusively meant for Whites is too well known to mention.

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The hotel staff i.e. waiters etc. in the foreign hotels were also whites and they refused to serve coloureds. We do not like the Portugese for their determined campaign of christenising Hindus pursued by them in their colonies e.g. Goa etc.However, Indians visiting Portugese colonies in Africa were pleasantly surprised that their hotels where the waitner and other staff was white Poltuguese never exhibited such colour blindness and served the Indian visitors well and truly.

We were not far too wrong if we presumed that at least after 60-odd years of Independence Indian were served well AT LEAST IN INDIAN HOTELS IN THE CAPITAL DELHI.Howefer, only recently a flagrant instance of adhering to the same apartheid here on our soil was being adopted by a Frenh lease-holder hotel here .


A board was salienly exhibited at the front

Haggen Dazs

Excluive preview for International Travellers

Access restricted only to holders of International Passports

However, an Indian who was an international traveler but did not have an internatioinal passpsort was denied entry inside.He took up the matter through his friends in media and soon it assumed the force of a whirlwind which shook the management violently.It started claiming that there never was any restriction whatsoever on anybody entering it.What is more wonderful is that the management is Indian and the manager is also an Indian from Delhi. A Director of Haagen Dazs, Arindam Haldar tried to explain that their banner that has resulted in such heat was merely a teaser and that the company can never say no to an Indian. He admitted that the company may have erred in its choice of words and he was sorry. .He excused that the poster was part of initial local store communication at a few locations within the same mall announcing the opening of the mall. The message was intended to suggest that you can enjoy, for instance, a taste of the French Riviera without traveling to France – by enjoying Häagen-Dazs. Unfortunately the reference to the international passport holder on the poster led to a significant miscommunication. This was completely unintended and we apologize for creating the misimpression that may have hurt our sentiments as Indians.

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This incident was reported in the Times of India of December 15,2009.

It shows that we have to keep; our eyes open even in India lest we would be thrown out ;pointing a finger at the sign board.

Andhe ho kya ya anpadh? Dekha nahee kya likha hai boardpar?Kaala

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