Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Masterpieces before empty theatres

The story of Yama and his sister Yami in the Vedas shows that the earth was then flat and moreover there was no division of time between night and day. The gods must indeed have been happy then. They could switch it on the TV and watch the Tests between Gods XI vs Rakshas XI. and cheer or boo suitably. Don’t know what drove them to make the earth round leading to the division of time between day and night. But it does appear that, at least in the immediate aftermath of this switchover the days stretched long ,even for six months continuously and then followed by night .

The omniscient gods did not know or foresee what they were doing. For some temporary exigency they disturbed the entire time-schedule and the face of the earth.

Look to the time schedule of the T-20 world cup cricket matches just started.

India and Shri Lanka Opening Match --- --- 10-30 p.m.

Second Match… … … … … 02-30 a.m.

Other matches

First match… … 7-00 p..m.

Second match…. 11-00 p.m.

Afghanistan Opening Match… … 9.30 p.m.

Second Match… …. 1.30 a,m

So on and so on. The schedule in depressing. Of the 12 countries participating the times of 7 of them do not tally with those of West Indies. It includes India. Besides Afghanistan the broadcasting time of India, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, Bangladesh,Afghanistan,besides New Zeland and Australia is so odd that in most of them the tv audience would be conspicuous by its absence. As regards the opening matches while people of one of the playing team would be preparing to retire for the night while in other they would have just got up and rubbing their eyes.

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While it is all right to say that no matter whether they is cheering crowd(in the stadium or before tvs the world over) is there or not the players must put for the their best performance. So they would. But it would be like the lifeless recitations of eminent actors playing before empty theatres. Of course perhaps the cricket grounds of the respective countries where the matches are being played would be crowded they are just an infinitesimal part of the world audience crowing before their respective tv sets.

Even god after creating the universe working overtime for a week had to have Adam and Eve to appreciate his workmanship.

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