Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Aesop Tale

There is a tale in Aesop’s fables.

A son who had a criminal career throughout was being hanged. He was the only son of his mother. She was there wailing and supplicating. The son expressed a desire to meet her for the last time which request was readily granted. He went near herr and made as if he wanted to tale some secret to her. However, instead of whispering to her he bit her ear viciously making her cry out,’ See, see this ungrateful brat what he did to his mother? This ungrateful wretch!!’

The other peoples who were assembled there to witness this tamasha were also flabbergasted and looked askance at the ungrateful son.

“I did the right thing!’ Blurted the son,’ If only she had dissuaded me and even punished me when I did the wrong thing my first crime I might have, might have eschewed this path which brought me here.! But no, she encouragd me and egged me on!’

The same story has recently repeated in America.

One Cotton Harris-Moore 19 who was long suspected of stealing cookies and frozen pizza from the Kostelyk family living near on a few gravel road from the squalor that was his home.The Kostelyks had a waterfront property and a freeze full of food. He came back over and over again-frozen pizza, cookies and icecream.

By the time he was caught with a stolen motorboatihe had become a sensation. He escaped from a Remand Home two years ago , lived in makeshift homes in empty houses for days or even weeks and somehow taught himself to fly, master the art of crash-landing and quietly walking away.

For much of his life he was as alone and as hungry as he was when he was a child who stole pizzas from his neighbourers.

When he was caught and produced in Court the only defence his lawyer could give was,’I think if he had proper direction he would not have done all that he did.!’

Harris –Moore was always in conflict with his mother ,Pal Kohler. According to public documents his case has been reported to the Remand Homes a dozen times by the time he was 15. He had been arrested at 12. The boy had earnestly requested the Social Worker to make his mother stop drinking and smoking., get a job and food in the house. Mom would not listen.

His neighbourers recalled a hand-painted sign at his house’ If you gopast this sign you would be shot.’ Theu had biter experience that this was not an empty threat

Harris-Moore had taken at least five planes, including one during the Olympics and crash-landed all of them.

He walked away each time.

He was nicknamed the Barefoot Bandit from the real footprints found at some crime scenes last year and drawings of the police who believe he left similar marks at other scenes of crime.Neighbourers recall seeing the child going about barefoot a number of time.

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He was apparently in search of a mother plaintively asking people to give him peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

After all Aesop’s stories were not mere fables..The passage of time since Aesop lives has not made any difference. The Sanskrit subhashitam ‘Quachkiapi kumata na bhavati.(Hardly a bad mother exists) is just a pious wish.

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