Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emotional Intelligence Applied to IT Industry

Its said ...
"...success at work is 80% dependent on emotional intelligence and only 20% dependent on IQ," A quote from one famous HR magazine, Novem.

Now a days Good Managers are not being selected only on their technical competency but on their Emotional or Social competency too. Its said that technical competency may help upto certain aspect / level but after that what matters is emotional intelligence, the power with which you understand others, deal with them, preserve and nurture the relationship.

Definition of Emotional Intelligence
Its the ability to understand / analyze / monitor Oneself and understand / analyze/ monitor others feelings and emotions. Secondly use this analysis and information to deal and succeed in social relationships, which means the analysis is being used at workplace.

For Example:

Personal competence" - how we manage ourselves, and "social competence " - how we manage relationships. Each broad area consists of a number specific competencies, as outlined in the table below:

Personal Competence
Self Awareness
(of internal states, preferences, resources, and intuitions)
Self Regulation
(of internal states, impulses, and resources)
(tendencies that facilitate reaching goals)

Social Competence
(awareness of others feelings, needs, and concerns)
Social Skills
(adept at inducing desireable responses in others)

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