Thursday, April 2, 2009

WordPress Templates, wordpress customizations, themes, plugins

WordPress is a very popular open source script used as publishing platform.

Why word press is so popular...
1) Wide applicability:
It can be used across many industries.
2) Templating system:
Templating system can help to change template of wordpress and hence you can have any look which is similar to your site / your needs.
3) Open Source
As its open source which is written with PHP-MySQL, a very popular web development tools. Using script one can edit themes to have advanced effects / facilities.
4) Search Engine Optimization:
The url management is search engine friendly and often permalinks are provided.
It helps in getting your site listed in Search engines.
5) Huge plugin architecture:
Wordpress has very huge plugin architecture. You can add many useful facilties which can be added as a sort of plugins.

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