Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Facebook opens Activity Streams

Considering rising popularity .. Facebook has recently opened up Activity Stream. It will enable
- Instant Actions based on events
- Real time notifications

The goal is to give Facebook members applications designed to let them access, organize, read, interact with and manage this flow of postings, the company said on Monday in an official blog.

Developers will be able to access activity content via the new Facebook Open Stream API (application programming interface).
Dave Morin, Facebook's senior platform manager, said the API will for the first time allow activity streams to appear outside of the Facebook Web site.

"We expect developers will create many different client applications on mobile phones, desktops and other Web sites, and provide many interesting ways to consume the stream and create unique experiences for users," Morin said in an interview.

This is a good move because it will help Facebook members have more control over the sometimes-overwhelming speed and quantity of information flowing into their activity streams, IDC analyst Caroline Dangson said.

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