Thursday, April 9, 2009

Why use Wordpress?

  • Security
    • WordPress offers user logins
    • These logins may belong to one of five different access levels
  • Database access and mapping
    • DB classes are to remove logic to connect to the database and make running queries more simple
    • The Options storage mechanism is provided to allow for simple storage and retrieval of data that doesn’t need to have queries run against it
  • URL mapping (SEO Friendly)
    • WordPress offers the Permalinks options that allow for easily modifying how URLs will be generated and used
    • The WordPress Rewrite API allows for modification and addition of rewrite rules
  • Web template system - WordPress’ template system with themes is highly capable and flexible
  • Caching
    • Caching offers execution speed improvements by caching frequently-used objects
  • Web services - WordPress supports publishing via Atom, XML-RPC, and email as well as automatic pinging and producing and parsing RSS feeds

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