Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Offshore Software Development

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is a model of software development process where software development services are provided by an external supplier
who is located at different country from client's location. Many a times it refers to the company / parties to whom work is outsourced, is located at geographically different area. This paradigm is called as Offshore Outsourcing.

The main reason behind using offshore software development:
- Higher costs of development in advanced countries
- Nature of software needs when it can be outsourced
- Skilled and Cheap Manpower availability in some countries

Majorly India, Israel, Canada and Ireland are leading countries involved in Offshore outsourcing business. There are many other countries like European
, Asian, mainly developing nations are a part of this.

- Low Cost
- Taking advantage of Different timezones
- Advantage of internet based development
- No fixed cost for the company which is outsourcing
- Focus on key Strength or core competence and outsource other things
- Take a edge on competition with reducing cost but keeping quality

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Whats Next:
Industry experts have predicted that in coming years R n D i.e. Research and Development will be outsourced more.
Again this trend will work till the developing countries can product sufficient number of highly skilled professionals.
Its also being said that after some years this process will slow down as the developing nations will not be able to match up the demands
of highly skilled persons like MBA's, PHD's etc.

Still in the long term scenario its being considered as growing area of Outsourcing.

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