Thursday, November 26, 2009

Zoovy - Tool to manage your eCommerce Business


Today we will like to provide a glimpse of what is zoovy, how it will be useful for eCommerce?
For more details visit

Salient Features:
1) Add products easily
2) Easy tools for Management of Marketing, Products etc.
3) Add products easily to Ebay auctions
4) Develop your own website with zoovy (website is automatically made)
5) Templates can be changed

For Product Addition, Data Entry, Backoffice services or any help on zoovy data entry


Mitch said...

Why do you have a link for data entry if Zoovy is that easy to use and manage your content and products?

Hrushikesh Wakadkar said...


Zoovvy is easy. But when you have a large business running, where you need to daily add say 20 products. In such cases we help you for data entry while letting you focus on your competency of bringing business, Strategies, marketing etc.

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