Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Takeout Restaurant

Pittsburgh(America) has a restaurant with a bright blue stirefront sunny, yellow lettering among a city block of white brick building.; However, if you intend to go there alone or with friends ,sit around a table ,relish political or office discussions with the delicacies offered you will be disappointed.There are no tables and chairs. And if you think that it is packed food restaurant and approach the counter you will find that they have only one item to —a wrap sandwich from Iran called kubideh.

You may walk out rather dismayed but then you do not know what innovations the restauranters will adopt to establish their unique identities. But if you liked that Iranian sandwich and again call at the restaurant you will find that this Iranian dish is not available. Wondering if they have some other Iranian delicacy when you enquire you are dumbfound to know that it has now shifted to Afghanistan, then North Korea or Venezuela. It calls itself Conflict Kitchen. ,a takeout café designed and run byu artists hoping to start conversation with you customers and among you customers about countries which are at present in conflict with America.

They disarmingly admit that they are not expert cooks in foreign dishes.It is just taking a chance for the public to set thinking. May be their interest is culinary and they would like to have a formula for the dish. But there are also others who ask questions about the unusual restaurang and its ever changing menu. May be in some cases the conversation will lead to matters about Iran,North Korea of Venezuela or any other country whose dish they are marketing that day These talks then may turn to topics about these countries On weekdays the restaurant mayu host a live online discussion and meal with a group of people say from Iran, North Kiorea of Venezuela or any other country which is at cross purposes with America.

This was initially the brainchild of Robin who developed it with other artists and theConflict Kitchen thus evolved from friendly competetion with a neighbourhood hot doz stand

The artists wanted to offer something moiré than food. The food for thought. They found that moist people only know about certain countries through what they read of hear in the news. So they decided to use food from different countries as a medium to get people thinking

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Will it be a good idea of Shiv Sainik opening similar restaurants in Bihar offering only Marathi dishes. Or vice versa. May be the Biharees would relish the Marathi purunpoli and fall into discussion about its method of preparation .

Together with a better appreciation of the method of preparing purun poli the Biharees will find that the Marathas are after all not as bad as they thought when they were in Mumbai

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