Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ecommerce Solutions TIPS

TIPS for Best eCommerce Solutions (Whenever you are Developing Website for eCommerce do follow these guidelines or tips)

1) Check Broken Links: The first seemingly very simple thing would be to check every link on all pages, whether it works or not.

2) Navigation:
The navigation on your site is the second important thing which will be one of the important milestones in making your online business successful. A good web design will let the client find what he information he wants in 2-3 clicks maximum. The potential buyer may turn away if he needs to devote much of the time.

3) Payment & Shipping Terms:
Everybody would always willing to look forward how the site or organization would keep interest of buyer. So its extremely important to give details about
Shipping Terms (Period)
Payment Terms (Return policy)

4) Fast loading
The site should be fast loading and user should be able to determine clear information from payment success or in case of payment failures. A critical thing would be to give Case ID or Order ID even if the order fails. It makes the customer feel secure n safe with reference numbers.

5) FAQ's
FAQ's of Frequently asked questions shall be ones which will come into mind of any user. Arranging such questions in logical and simple way is very essential. As it can reduce the load on your customer care emails or dept.

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