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Oneness Principle in the Elegant Universe

Oneness Principle in the Elegant Universe

On going through the pleas of some philosophers like Mr. Bhumik one cannot help remembering Kanad, the author of Visheshik Darshan. He was so convinced about the Atom being the fundamental particle of the universe that when on his death bed he was advised to remember God he said “kanay namah kanay namah kanay namah”,(salute to atom) and breathed his last.Charvak the founder of Atheism ,held fast to his convinction despite all the odds.

Science was in an infantile stage at the time and spiritualism was rampant. And yet the Kanads and Charvaks held fast to their convictions. In the West Bruno preferred to be burnt at the stakes rather give up his convictions. And Galilio even he overtly submitted to the Papal dictat that earth was at the centre and and it was the Sun who went round her still whipered in an inaudible voice“but still the earth revolves reound the sun 'The science was in its infancy. And still the worthies did not stoop to compromise.

Against this background the pleas of the likes of Mr.Bhumik appear jarring. Of course, scientist are not the modern “avtars” of the demons like Hiranyakashypu with mess in the hand asked for a physical proof of the existence of God. Today's scientist's only plea is that scientific knowledge with us does not need the presumption of existence of God. His mind is open and should God ,if there is God ,makes a convincing materialization he will not hold back.

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Mr.Bush the last President of USA, accepted that Bible may calnot be literally true. And yet inUSA it is the biblical story of Creation that is taught in schools though, the Darwinian theory is also briefly almost apologetically referred to as an opinion). Infact, there are biological museums where it is the Theory of Creation as per the scripture that is exhibited.

Scientists like Mr.Bhumik may not be so gross but there is no unequivocal acceptance of the principle that the universe is governed by the Laws of the Nature. They introduce a Law -giver by the back door. They call it a “stabilizing force”,”architect”, meaning that science and spirituality are two sides of the same coin. He conveniently forgets that for a coin to be a genuine it has necessarily to be of the same material .Will this other type of a coin stand any of the tests of physics? He admits that these are desparte concepts.He tries to get over this problem by charactrerising it as deep and hidden.

His “evidence” reminds me of the exuberance with which Einstein theory if E=mc2 was received by Theists. Einstein’s theory is that the universe is in the final analysis nothing but energy. Now, energy is unseen. Low and behold !God is also Nirgun and Nirakar. Even a scientist of the calibr of Sir James Jeans allotted God space to be at the centre of the atom from where he gave motion to the electrons. The motions of the electrons were not measurable and he felt that the diety at the centre of the atom drove them. On this Einstein had remarked,”at this point Sir Gem Jeans left the realm of science and stepped into poetry.Professor S.M.Matte had said that unseen energy is still a physical energy. Professor H.R Mahajani in his light article “God commits suicide” has imagined that with his contracting frontiers with the advent od science God had prepared Himself for suicide.

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That will not make any difference to the believers. The formless character of God would come handy for them.

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