Sunday, December 13, 2009

Website for Understanding Piles, Treatment options

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Piles is one of the most misunderstood yet quite common disease. Even in educated families people do hide their sufferings and do not approach to the correct medicine / practitioner. There is one very beautiful, simple and easy to understand website to know everything about it.

I would say their mission as being displayed is"

"We are a group of Qualifed Surgeons practising specialised management of Ano-Rectal diseases using modern Minimally Invasive technologies.
In our practice we have been encountering patients with preconceived (& often wrong) notions of "piles" .
This website has beeen designed with an intention of educating the people at large and clarifying commonly held misconceptions.

We hope to help the reader to answer following questions:

  • Could I be suffering from piles?
  • Do I need to seek a doctor?
  • What type of treatments are available to me?"
The website is promoted by Dr Bhalchandra Kulkarni of Dhanvantari Hospital Nashik. All the said treatments are available in Nashik. The hospital is based at tilakwadi in Nashik.

For more details please visit

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