Wednesday, December 2, 2009

eCommerce .. top reasons of why people dont buy

According to some third party survey carried out in USA,

the ' E-commerce Industry in Quarter2 2009, 38.6% of the 360,000 or so visitors to the 160 websites tracked were in the research stage of the buying process while just 17% were at the buying stage.

There were several reasons why visitors weren't purchasing.

1) The main reason was that visitors were seemingly unable to find the perfect match for what they were looking for (34%)

2) while price and navigation/difficulty in getting info is in second place (13%)

3) While on the third rank many said that shipping policies are unsatisfactory (9%).

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What it means to users that its not important how flashy or jazzy your website may look. Its very important that how are you formulating your product on above 3 major criterions. The main thing would be endorsing some things where constantly you are taking reviews from your customer and changing your site / promotions / packagings etc.

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