Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Honda to Launch Diesel Cars

Honda Siel Cars India Ltd has said that they are now considering getting into the diesel car market in India. They might launch a product in this segment within the next 2-3 years.

Honda said that they are working on a suitable diesel engine for the Indian market. They are aiming for something that is more refined than even their gasoline engines.

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A company spokesperson said “We are expecting larger volume in the years to come and are looking at various possibilities to grab significant market share. We have diesel and hybrid cars in other markets and there is a possibility that it may be brought here also. But nothing has been decided on this as yet.”

Market experts believe that the company would likely to be most interested in launching a dieselvariant of their luxury sedan Accord. The company already sells 2.2 liter diesel Accord and 2.4 liter Honda CR-V in the European market. These could be introduced here in India.

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bucket trucks said...

That is a good idea for Honda.There are many competitors doing that and eating the market share so why not jump into it?

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