Sunday, December 13, 2009

Swiss Comedy

‘The Govt.voted by a comfortable margin (57 percent in 22 out of 27 constituencies )for ban on mosques having any new minaret.

When I read this news item my immediate reaction was,’ Look, what the BJP governments are doing?’

My friend who was sitting by my side whisked the paper from me and peered through and stated laughing boidtrtoudly.

I felt intrigued..

‘You are laughing! You do not seem to be scandalized even after the recent verdict by the Liberhan Commission?’’

‘ I am not’He said calmly,’For I know BJP is not in power in Switzerland!’

It was now my turn to whisk back the paper and peer through it.

The news dateline was Switzerland’

I was flabbergasted.

The harmless Watchmaker to the world,at the best two-timing with the moneyed people and covering them up has suddenly left his alarm clock ringing piercing the ears.

It is the Swiss who have passed this resolution.

The world has known this watchmaker to it as an extremely patient person. When Europe –and even the world –was engulfed in WWI and WWII and he was just next-door neighbour to the miscreant Germany he had kept himself aloof from the turmoil. I tried to find out if the Muslim citizens there had been found to be in any May disturbing to the national mainsream Most of them were from Europe itself-the Balkans and the westernized Turkey though their number is quite sizeable, four lakhs to be precise. However, they are not known to be zealt. In fact the minaret of the mosque which agitated this movement is especially very high.In fact, it even does not rise to the height of the walls and is much lesser in height than the one in the approved plan.. The ‘ajan’(call for prayer to the faithful) havr also never been disturbing the public peace..And yet not only this referendum has been held there but it has thrown up these disturbing results.

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In fact not only Switzerland but even in entire Europe there has never been hard , anti-Muslim feeling. So much so that it was said that Europe is slowly becoming Eurabia. However,it is not just in Switzerland that this is happening.A similar anti-mosque feeling is emerging in Italy. They hailed the Swiss referendum and called for a similar one in Italy. This feeling is especially visible in cities. In Genoa a procession was recently led against a mosque project .coming up .As the Swiss ballot showed the right wing Swiss Peoples’ Party struck a sympathetic chord among the Swiss voters. These developments aee found disturbing to French and German politicians who had hoped that the Muslim immigrants there from Turkey and will soo e n be integrated with the local population President Sarkozy of France in a recent statement published in Le Mondew refers to the Swiss developments and acknowledges expressions of anti-Muslim sentiments in France

and the consequent resentment among French Muslims also.While reassuring them he nevertheless tells them’in our country Christian civilization has left a deep trace everything thatcould be taken as a challenge to this heritage and its values would condemn to failure the inauguration of the French Islam.’He goes so far as to say he acknowledges at thegrowing visibility of Muslims.France has the highest Muslim population in Europea(over 5 millions) He does not write off this threat but merely says ‘this muffled threat is felt by so many people in our old European nations weighs on their identity.’He thus admits that this fear of Muslim domination is felt not only in Frace but

entire Europe.He further offers the gratuitous advice to the Muslims saying that it arose from a democratic vote and instead of outrage should inspire reflection on the resentment of the Swiss people and many other European people’including the French people.’”

The recent and still boiling issue of the wearing of head scarf by Muslim women is disturbing. Even in the USA while the official polis cy is quite neutral in the matter popular Islam-bashing exists there as for example in the talk-shows on radio.

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When we see the situation here in India we have a sobering thought. Here it is not just raising the height of a minar by a few feet but construction of temples and mosques unauthorizedly on public land. Some years ago an unauthorized mosque had come up on the Kolkata’s Dumdum airport which had brought the work of construction of new runways to standstill. We had had many more grievances against the Muslims the last but not the least being the Partition. Yet even in the past when Hindus dominated they have by and large held their hand. The mosque raised by Aurangzeb on the birthplace if Krishna was left undisturbed. Same is the case of the KashiVishweshwar temple at Kashi.The logical outcome of the Swiss action would be demolition of structures offending the rule. It would be almost a demolition of Babri Masjid after going through the process of lawl .The fumbling of the matter here exposes a pathetic attempt in that direction . The unlocking of the doors of the Babri Mosque despite the matter being subjudice, the averting your eyes when the idols were being installed were actually actions of brining down the Babri Masjid. Those who actually brought the edifice down were mere automatons who acted as per their programming.

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