Friday, December 18, 2009

Science and Spirit

The article(TOI 23-10-08) is a simple and straightforward account by Mr. Mohit of his ‘unusal’ experiences. He has endeavoured to find a rational explanation for some of them. Where this has not been possible ,instead of stretching or cutting them a la Rosicrus(the Greek bandit) he has honestly admitted that they do not fit his frame of experiences.

Mr. Mohit is a film director and a film world is primarily a pseudo world. But his reference to the writings of the Nobel Laurete Sir Peter Medaware shows that he also takes a lively interest in matters scientific. But his treatment of the strange hallucinations of the four-year old daughter of his friend as possible ‘carryovers’ of Past Life shows a strange weaknesse. For aught we know these could be her sighting such scenes-actual or virtual. Our TV serials abound in such scenes and children do see them despite child-bloc or parental carelessness. Her hearing of noise of boot-steps and their stopping after the disposal of the old shoes could reasonably be figments of her imagination. At Pune(Maharashtra) when a house lying empty for a long time and was considered haunted was hired out as a paper godown for the-then famous Chitrashala Press the ghosts seemed to have moved out. Such move of ghosts in old,empty houses perhaps the medieval scientific dictum ‘Nature shuns vacuum’ sending ghosts in for occupation. In Boughra area(Rajsthan) halts at night are prohibited posting guards for the purpose. Daredevil young who night-halted there, hoodwinking the guards

were bored (I almost said to death) since they had no visitations. A general prejudice that only a few can have such visitations shows that these are apologies for weaknesses.

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Mr. Medawar seems to have raised life to an unscrutable status. This has in turn led to seeking look for out-worldly explanation for matters relating to it. Shorn of its metaphysical appurtances Life is but a particular association of chemical elements.The life on Earth is based on CO2 but is theoretically quite possible there are other worlds where the base may be entirely difeferent. However, carbon has so infused us that we believe any different form of life cannot have objective existence. The Nobel Laurete rejects this out of hand.

This presumption of uniqueness of Life tends to ignore its natural origin and development raising it to some abstract supernatural status leads to the creation of gods and demons.As knowledge advance these figments of imagination slowly melt away.

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