Monday, December 14, 2009

Understanding Website Development, Web Technologies

Everyone is interested or uses Web, email for his day to day needs. But those who have got keen interest in either developing own's website or want to know more about how the WWW (world wide web ) works...

There are a lot of books on above mentioned subject. But we endorse reading a new book named "Web Technologies" by Atul Kahate & Achyut Godbole.

The book covers following:
1) Web Page
3) How TCP/IP protocol works
4) Java Pages
5) Security Aspects of a Web application
6) Networking equipments, concepts

Why Web Technologies is a must for any programmer in Website Development:
1) Very Easy language
2) The great ability of authors to explain the IT concepts via day to day life example makes the book great fun to read, delivers greater understanding to the user

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